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¿What is Salin Therapy?

Salt therapy is one of the oldest forms of therapy in the world. Its benefits are now available to you, in your own home! The Salin air purification device is a worldwide innovation in this field, being the first device that uses microcrystallized salt for a discrete and permanent air treatment.

Gold Medal at the 51st edition of the EUREKA World Expo of Innovation, Research and New Technologies in Brussels in 2002.

Medalla d'oro Brusseles 2015

Silver Medal at the 30th edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva in 2002.

Medalla de plata Geneva 2015

Efects and benefits

The most important benefits of saline air therapy are:

Increased resistance to diseases of the body in general.

General action to to improve the symptoms of allergies.

Adjuvant effects in rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis.

Favorable results in asthma, bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchiectasis,

silicosis, tuberculosis, recoveries of cystic fibrosis.

Sleeping calm, restful state of mind.

Diminishes the intensity of snoring.

Reduces the respiratory problems of smokers.

Natural help in quitting smoking easily.

High quality air becomes cool and pleasant.

General Hygene Effects

retains the dust

eliminates cigarette smoke

eliminates unpleasant odors (sweat, mold, etc.)

Improving the quality of the air which is fresh and pleasant.

General Medical Effects

People with breathing problems will very quickly feel a significant improvement in air quality, which will become easier to breathe more fresh.

Reduces or eliminates the need of use of aerosols for asthma. It is very possible to feel improvement quickly. However, special attention is recommended in the treatment of your current health!

Therapeutic Effects

Use of the device by people with respiratory diseases has shown improvements and a number of beneficial effects on a wide range of respiratory diseases of the upper and lower tract.

Salin devices are useful in the treatment of rhinitis, sinusitis and laryngitis, which has a general action for the desensitization of patients with allergic problems.

In favorable conditions results were achieved in asthma, bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, silicosis, recoveries of tuberculosis, cystic fibrosis.

Favorable effects were observed in several other cases of respiratory failure, such as in the substance of the heart or thyroid.




Salin Plus Salin Plus


Salin Plus is a medical device that works to improve the respiratory function which is fundamental for ensuring a better health.

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Reserva Salin Plus

Salin Plus Reserve is a suplementary filter that should be changed every 3 months in order to ensure the best functioning of the device.

Salin S2 Salin S2


Salin S2 has the same properties as Salin Plus, only it is recommended for use in a space of maximum 35 m3.

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Reserva Salin S2

Salin Plus Reserve is a suplementary filter that should be changed every 3 months in order to ensure the best functioning of the device.




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How does it work?

Salin device is an internationally awarded device that uses an entirely new process for the complex treatment of air. The process refers to the forced circulation of air passing through the filter with a block of salt grains having known effects for the treatment of many respiratory problems. The therapy has similar effects to marine aerosol treatments and saline cure, but requires lower costs and greater convenience of use.

The effects of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) aerosol on the superior respiratory tract:

Fluidizes the secretions of the bronchi due to the restoration and then grind quantitative growth phase of the mucus film;
Activation of ciliary movement (even in chronic smokers, who are known to have paralyzed cils);
Rapid elimination of secretions from the respiratory tract;
Decrease edemas of the aero digestive canal (palate veil, base of tongue, tonsils piliers) that are often found in chronic snoring;
Repermeabilization of the middle meatus and ostial sinus for superior and efficient drainage of the sinuses in the nostrils;


The effects of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) aerosol on the inferior respiratory tract:

It stimulates the reactivity of phagocytosis of alveolar macrophages and facilitates this level;
Bactericides and bacteriostatic effects on the microflora of the respiratory tract;
Induce reductions in IgE levels in patients with asthma;
Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and desensitization to allergens;
Salin Therapy is used in performing the prescribed medical treatments, clinical trials that have no secondary effects, contraindicacions or incompatibilities with other therapies and medical treatments.

Terapia sin drogas

Salin devices are indicated as non-pharmacological adjuvant therapy for a wide range of acute and chronic allergic and upper respiratory tract infections (respiratory allergy, rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis etc.) and lower (asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary cystic fibrosis) and Cold or flu states. That people with respiratory feel better after exposure to aerosols Salin does in the long run to decrease the frequency of drug administration and therefore this reduces the risk of resistance to certain antibiotics or other substances undesirable reactions. This reduces not only excessive but long-term expenditure, which decreases the harmful effects of drugs on the body. Drugs are nothing more than substances that chemically synthesized in inadequate amounts, can seriously disturb the metabolism.




What conditions have been relieved or cured after using the Salin device and where do you see the best results?

After using Salin devices, respiratory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, bronchiectasis, respiratory allergies, sequelae, TB sylicosis, mucoviscidosis, respiratory or cardiac insufficiency on thyroid fundus, respiratory problems, have been alleviated or cured. Also those illnesses associated with a weak immunological background. The attacks of cough that normally accompany most of these diseases are immediately reduced to their total disappearance. Salin therapy effects are also visible in the general health and it is recommended for people with low immunity and predisposition to diseases, especially children or the elderly.

For lasting results, how long and how exactly are the Salin therapy devices used?

Although it depends on the type and stage of health problems highly, the effects can be felt from the first day of use. Most patients who experience favorable results describe it after the second week of use. For best results, a daily exposure time of 8-10 hours is recommended, especially at night in the bedroom. As far as possible, Salin devices can be used in play areas for children and adults in the office, where it was found that, among other things, reduces the effects of harmful agents and pollution, the smell of cigarette smoke and the effects of air conditioning.

Do the Salin devices have contraindications?

No study has shown that. Being a natural method of Salin treatment devices are non-addictive and has no side effects or incompatibilities with other therapeutic methods.

Do the Salin device cause moisture?

The operating principle of the devices does not require Salin liquid solutions, only the use of crystallized salt filters, which actually retains moisture and decreases the chances of moisture formation.

Do you apply a mask over the nose and mouth? Where do you place the Salin device?

Salin does not require appling any mask on your face, the device is only turned on and placed in a room (preferably at the height of 0.4 - 0.8 m from Salin S2 and 1.5 - 2 m from Salin Plus ) so that users can breathe filtered air.

How loud is a Salin device? Can you use it at night?

The sound produced by the devices comes from a fan similar to the one that equips a computer. Usually, the devices are not too noisy, being possible to use them at night, while the person with respiratory problems rests.

Will the air in the room where Salin works get a salty taste?

The operation of the device makes it possible to scatter in the air the salt microcrystals, an extremely small amount of microscopic crystals that are then taken and inspired by the patient. It is very unlikely that patients or people who are in the room where Salin works feel salty taste.

Does Salin therapy have negative effects on patients with severe restrictions on salt intake?

No. Particle size and amount of inhaled salt are very low, and most of this amount is absorbed by the respiratory mucosa and subsequently eliminated by expectoration.

How can Salin therapy reduce snoring?

Patients have shown a reduction in the intensity of snoring and after the treatment with Salin. The effect is due to the effects of sodium ions that reduce oropharyngeal edema and palate, which are generally associated with snoring.

Will Salin Therapy help me to have a more restful sleep?

By mucosal effects within upper respiratory tract therapy and lower cleansing during sleep , Salin facilitates increasing the amount of oxygen absorbed, thereby relaxing the body and a faster recovery of energy.


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In rare cases, an accentuation of the cough phenomenon may occur in the first period of use. The respiratory secretions are thinning allowing their removal. Coughing is an important mechanism in carrying out this process.

If the cough is too much trouble, then reduce the voltage of the device to 6V (minimum required for device operation), possibly with the initial limit of use of the device. We emphasize once again that the cough in this context is not something that should be alarming only if it is too intense.

Gradually increase the duration of use every day from 1-2 hours to 6-8 hours and in 2-3 weeks symptoms should disappear. The same method is recommended to be used in any other situation when you consider using the machine too stressful.

In the early days in the use of the amount of salt in the air is higher and it is possible that the effects on the respiratory system become more intense. Special mention for people with severe restrictions on salt intake - salt intake by Salin air delivery devices is extremely small, as 0.2 g / day within the first 10 days of use and under 0.1 g / Day during the first month of use.

These amounts of salt reach the surface of the epithelium and are removed with mucus. Therefore, it is estimated that it does not create problems for people with severe restrictions on salt consumption. We recommend, however, as a precautionary measure, to mount the unit in a separate room for 3-4 days with a continuous operating voltage of 9V to remove dust from the salt formed during transport. You can clean the device by gently blowing air on the filter. During this time patients with problems with salt intake should not come into contact with the air produced by the device. After this period gradually move to use the device.


Do not interrupt or modify your current treatments!

Do not miss regular health checks!

Seek professional help!

Do not force yourself to change the behavior you are accustomed to!

The effect of this cure is slowly strengthening, months or even years! The effects of spa treatments on saline gradually accumulate in years, but with spectacular results!

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